Anjelika, We want to express enormous gratitude to you for helping us heal and restore our relationship. You were our last resort. We decided to try marriage therapy before getting a divorce. We loved each other but we could not get along. We were constantly arguing and could not agree on anything. From the very first session we felt comfortable and safe to share with you our feelings. We both felt heard and understood by you, and it gave us hope. At first we thought that we would be coming to see you for at least two years, considering the amount of problems we had. When you showed us how to communicate with each other from our heart and not anger, we were able to apply the skills to resolve our marital problems on our own only after e…

Couple, Portland

I highly recommend Anjelika to anyone who’s looking for an experienced, personable and effective counselor. Being disconnected at an emotional level, and low on self confidence was my personal road block, however over the course of our sessions together I relearned how to connect emotionally again, and display the inner confidence I knew I had, but was too afraid to show. Anjelika is a true Angel. 5 stars and then some!!

Male, Vancouver

Anjelika has a gift for working with couples. Her approach was so helpful for us. We were on the verge of separating. Counseling with Anjelika was a turning point for our relationship. Anjelika, we are doing really well right now. Thanks for being so amazing! You have helped us tremendously! You have a true gift of working with couples. You are so talented at seeing underlying issues, guiding us to understand them and help us speak language of love and intimacy to experience emotional connection and have happy relationship.  

Couple, Vancouver

My wife and I have had 4 sessions with Anjelika, and she is the second counselor we have seen together, and the most kind and caring of any we have ever seen. Anjelika provided a safe and comfortable environment for all of our sessions, but most importantly, she has shown us there is a way to reconnect, there is love hiding amongst the other feelings and emotions. Anjelika has helped us find each other, helped us communicate in a healthy manner, and allowed us to smile and laugh again. We wish there was a way for more people to experience her counseling. We highly recommend her warm, insightful and sometimes direct approach to help couples navigate through their relationship and find happiness.

Couple, Vancouver

Anjelika, Thank you! We are doing really well. We have been doing so much talking and ‘mirroring’ and listening. I so appreciate your guidance during this process. This time and this process have given us the ‘permission’ if you will to be so open and honest. It has been really exciting. So much love and ‘rawness’. It is as if we have never given ourselves the permission to have this kind of relationship. I am feeling so hopeful and the healing is amazing

Couple, Battle Ground

Anjelika has a true gift of empathy, creativity and intuition combined with expertise in her field, intellectual curiosity and a strong work ethic. She also has a terrific memory which informs future sessions. This blend makes for a very effective, caring, and unique therapeutic environment. I loved how she presented me with artful ways of exploring my feelings and challenges, which helped me gain additional perspectives and coping tools. And appreciated how she was focused on a therapeutic plan of action to help me solve the issues I presented and held me accountable. 

Family, Camas

We have only had one session with Anjelika, but we can already tell this is just what we needed. We laughed, we cried, we connected and made some serious progress just in our first session. Anjelika was kind, empathetic and a wonderful listener. She was very understanding of both my husband and I. We never once felt like she was choosing sides, we both felt very supported and very comfortable! We are so excited to continue our counseling!! Thank you Anjelika!

Couple, Vancouver

Anjelika, I can’t thank you enough for helping us reconnect as a couple. I was so afraid to lose my girlfriend, but I did not know what to do. I did not know what to say to her. Your warmth, kindness, empathy, sincerity and sense of humor helped me find the courage to open up to my girlfriend. The results were miraculous. Our relationship deepened, and now we feel like we can be honest with each other without fear. It has been two months since we had therapy with you, and we are doing great!

Couple, Portland

If you want a Therapist who is professional, caring, loving and understanding then Anjelika is the one. Every family member who has seen her has improved in every aspect of their life. Although she specializes in marriage counseling she has been able to improve family functioning entirely which is why I would recommend her without any reservations. Anjelika, You’ve also done a superb job of getting to the core problems affecting our daughter and helping her gain tools to cope with her anxiety. We’ve seen an incredible change in our daughters perspective and well being over the last year. Thank you for being there for her. Your skills and kindness are much appreciated.  

Family, Vancouver

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