Most insurance plans do not pay benefits for marriage counseling. In order to use insurance benefits for couples counseling, at least one partner needs to meet criteria for mental health diagnosis, such as adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety or another disorder that requires mental health treatment.

When we meet for the first marriage counseling session, we can discuss whether you or your partner meet criteria for one of the mental health disorders.

Some people have no problem with having a documented mental health diagnosis. However, others prefer to keep their relationship and personal growth counseling private.

I work with clients who have insurance as an OUT-OF-NETWORK provider. Your health insurance policy will often offer full or partial coverage for OUT-OF-NETWORK mental health treatment, which requires a mental health diagnosis.

You are responsible for the payment of the full fee for a session at the time of the service. Upon request, I will provide you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please call your insurance company to find out your OUT-OF-NETWORK coverage. Please ask how much out-of-network mental health coverage is and if you have a deductible that you need to meet before your insurance covers your sessions.

Please see openings and book your online marriage counseling appointment, and together we will work through the challenges you are facing so you can move toward a happier life and a more fulfilling relationship.

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