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Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting apart?
Are you longing for a closer relationship?
Do you wish to restore intimacy and rekindle love?

Do not lose hope. I can help. I helped couples just like you rebuild lives and improve the quality of their relationships.

I have been successfully applying Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy in counseling of couples since 2008. Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy is one of the most validated approaches to Couples Counseling and it is highly successful in helping distressed couples. It has been shown that up to 90% of couples show significant improvement in the quality of their relationship after about 10-12 sessions.

My experience also includes counseling adults, children, families and adolescents who experienced trauma and/or struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

If you are a parent of a child who struggles with behavioral problems or experienced trauma, there is help.

In counseling of children, I use Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy to help children feel safe to get in touch with their feelings, heal from trauma, increase self-esteem, learn to control anger and improve behavior.

I also help parents learn positive behavioral strategies, aimed at helping children develop effective communication skills, make positive choices, feel greater self-worth and reconnect with their inner strengths.

Do not let yourself suffer any longer.

A lifetime of happiness together is a journey that begins with one step.

Make that step today!

Call (360) 518-2964 or schedule a therapy session online, and together we can find a way to get your relationships back on track and improve the quality of your life.

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